Prasad Mahes


Hi, thanks for visiting my site!

My name is Prasad Mahes, and I’m an entrepreneur, marketer and writer.

I started this blog to document my journey building online businesses, as well as share what I learn as I work towards financial freedom and happiness.

Here are the companies I’m currently building:

1) – We work with local service-based businesses, helping them acquire more customers with various digital marketing strategies. I started this agency sometime in 2018, and it has been an incredible journey learning all the various skills required to get clients and deliver results.

2) – We help local businesses get more 4 and 5 star Google reviews so they can rank higher on Google Maps and get more customers as a result. I started this software (SaaS) company Sept of 2022. It’s still in its early stages, with a handful of paid users who are getting results with the software.

Prior to these two companies, however, I had a string of “failed” businesses.

2013 – Multi-level marketing ($0 earned)
2014 – Spiritual-theme blogs ($0 earned)
2015 – Sold eBooks on IG (Less than $1000 earned)
2016 – Started freelancing ($500-$1000/m earned)
2017 – Affiliate marketing ($1000+/m earned)
2018 – Started Leads For Professionals (success)
2022 – Started Review Circle (success)

Somewhere throughout all this, I also had a failed t-shirt brand, a watch company idea that never took off, I was selling ad space on Instagram pages, courses that I couldn’t sell and other ideas that I can’t remember.

It has been a long-road here, but it’s been rewarding.

What I’d like to achieve next is to build this blog into its own business. I’m not quite sure how it’ll take shape, but I know as I continue writing I will figure it out.

I write a monthly newsletter which sums up my learnings, books i’ve read that have made an impact on various areas of my life, as well as just reflections about life and business in general. You can sign up here: